Wednesday, June 25, 2014

That Darn Cat! Blocking with a cat in the house

I guess it's my own fault, but I am so mad at my cat!

I rumbled around in my craft room to look for some needles that I really, really wanted to use and found this sweater nearly done. So in my scattered brain, I decided it was time to finish this sweater instead of starting the next one.  The good news is that these were the needles I was looking for, so I would be killing two birds with one needles -- or rather two needles with one sweater.

It only took one evening to finish the knitting on the sweater.  I usually print out the pattern that I am using to include with the knitting as well as note in my knitting journal all the details (i.e., needle size, yarn, pattern). Therefore it was easy to pick where I left off. It is not unusual for me to work on several projects at once. I guess I am easily distracted by pretty yarns and colors.

So last night, I laid the sweater out with the plans prior to blocking. I spent a good hour on my knees (not easy at my age) soaking, pinning, and shaping, and I am very pleased with the outcome. Why didn't I finish this sweater last fall when I did most of the knitting?  I left it laid out and went to bed.

So this morning, I got up to get ready for work. I should have known better than to leave the sweater laid out so nicely. In the night, my psychotic little black cat decided it needed the usual amount of cat hair deposited on it.  Now, I can live with that. Most of my clothes (my bedding, my carpet, my towels, my dishes) have cat hair on it. But I guess this sweater needed some Neko's extra attention. He had thrown up on it.  Now in the middle of the sweater is a large brown pile of half-digested cat food. (No, I did not take a picture of that so you can stop looking for it.)

He actually seemed rather proud of himself too.
Bet you didn't know a cat
could laugh.


  1. I feel for you and I understand your pain. :)

  2. I'll bet you forgave him. I'll even bet you gave him some extra loving just to show him you weren't mad at him any more. It's what I usually do.

  3. Of course, Marg. He is way too cute to be mad at for long. >>sigh<<

  4. That's funny, Laurie. As the owner of several cats, I also have cat hair everywhere. My furniture is all shredded up, as well as the walls. Apparently the walls are better than the sisal covered post which they all ignore. I would never de-claw a cat. And I have to leave my bedroom door open at night, otherwise I would have a choir of meows outside the door wanting to come in.

  5. I understand Bobbie. There are no closed doors at our house either.