Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"TWAS" - The Wild Animal Sanctuary

"TWAS" is this incredible wild predator reserve for lions and tigers and bears (yeah, I know) and wolves and leopards that is just north of the Denver area.  I have supported this place for the past several years, but this was my first visit. I went with my husband Ken, my youngest son Dane and his girlfriend Christina. What a wonderful place! I could spend paragraphs and paragraphs describing it, but you can just go to the website http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/ for information and donating.

High Five!
We strolled through the sanctuary on an elevated walkway peering down on the animals. The theory is that the animals don't pay any attention to us because they think of us in the same way they think of birds. It was the heat of the day, so most of the animals were sleeping. Unfortunately, it made most of the animals look like they were either fake or dead. I think even Neko might not be able to take on some of these guys.

The only safe way to pet a lion

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