Saturday, May 24, 2014

Newly Anointed Shawl

I just finished blocking this lace shawl in a creamy light lavender color alpaca yarn. I laid it out to take a picture and then went in search of my camera. When I came back, the shawl was newly anointed with black cat hair.

Yes, my shedding little Neko decided this shawl was the perfect place to rid himself of his winter coat. When I asked him why he was on my shawl, he told me (in cat language) that black is the most ideal contrast to lavender. Not only does he make his presence known on the shawl, but he has to rub his fur into the lace as well. Beside, he said (once again in cat language), the black fur accents will then match everything else in my wardrobe. At least he didn't use his claws to see how fine the yarn is. That's only because his claws have been recently trimmed.

I will now spend the next few minutes removing fine black hairs from my new shawl. Oh, the price I pay to be both a cat owner and a knitter!

Back to the needles.

Heaven, I'm in Heaven!


  1. From a quilter whose cats and dogs participate in the crafting process, they enjoy sharing their love and fur with us. So I understand. Lovely shawl. Lovely cat.

  2. Ah, cats and yarn.... My daughter has a black Persian with gold eyes, much like your cat Neko, ours is FuXin. 17 yrs old this summer, but still boss of the house.

    Love the shawl, lovely even without cat fur....

  3. Love the shawl. lavender is one of my favorite colors.. Your cat is pretty and sounds just like my Siamese, Jasper.. He does the same thing when I finish a project.. lol

  4. Your cat looks a lot like my beloved Midnight, whom I lost last November. It's her torbie sister who needs to help me block shawls, though.