Thursday, May 30, 2013

Almost Done with my Carmel Jacket

This working for a living sure cuts into not only my knitting time, but my blogging time as well! But ...

Ta-Da! All the knitting is done so now it is just the finishings. I blocked it and loved how it came out. It is light, but still had some body. It will be perfect for both warm and cold weather depending on the skirt I wear underneath. I still have to sew up under the sleeves, weave in the ends, make button loops, and add the buttons. I am thinking that the buttons I bought will be too heavy for this material. I need to go to the store and see what else I can find. I'll post a picture when I am completely done, but don't expect me to model it. I avoid pictures of myself as much as possible.

While I was blocking it, Neko decided to make it into a temporary bed. I wouldn't mind that so much, because all my clothes are covered with black cat hair, but it's when he thinks he can sharpen his nails on the sweater that he gets into trouble. The thing about Neko's hair is that it comes out gray instead of black. Could his blackness just be an illusion?

Meanwhile, I am onto the next knitting project.  Back to the needles ...


  1. Good job, Laurie! Can't wait to see it completely finished! Our black cat is Mimi. She just gave us 3 beautiful black kittens. Two have a little white around their faces and the other one is purely black like her. I also was given a new grandson, Mikey on the 22nd of May. Grampa's birthday gift on his own birthday!! Thanks for sharing. Love, Mumsie!!!

  2. Hi Mumsie! I recognize your name. Baby kittens and Baby grandson. Things are really great for you!