Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gloves - ugh

I decided I don't like to knit gloves. I like knitting fingerless gloves, but not regular gloves. Obviously, that must mean that I don't like knitting the fingers.    It isn't just knitting a few stitches on double pointed needles, it is also having to weave in the beginning and end of ten fingers.

I like the results, but I couldn't wait to finish this project. The yarn is a sock yarn that I have had a long time and I don't remember where I got it. Also, the gloves don't fit quite right. There is more material on the web between the thumb and palm on glove than the other. I am ready to go back to knitting hats and shawls. I don't want to work with fit right now. Besides, I have several scarves that I need to finish before Christmas.  Scarves always fit.

Back to the needles.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not terribly fond of knitting gloves, either, but I find mittens to be just fiddly enough to be interesting, but not so much as to irritate me. :-)