Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And Now the Fingerless Gloves

I wrote about my piano gloves on this blog
back in October 2011.
I found this ruffle in one of my
books on edgings. I like it
on these gloves, but not good
for a sweater.
 I just wrote about not liking to knit gloves, and I have had a few requests to post pictures of the fingerless gloves that I do like to knit. I have made several pairs and I sell them at that Renaissance Fair in the summer and a holiday artisan store in the winter.

I don't always feel obligated
to put thumbs in
Fingerless gloves are a great way to try out patterns without having to make a sweater or even a scarf.  I have tried several different lace patterns, slip stitch methods, and even fancy cables. I always use double-point needles because that's how I learned to make socks and like them. I know lots of people like the Magic Loop method, but this works well for me.

I love knitting socks as well, but I realize that if I had to separately knit each toe, I wouldn't like doing socks any more than I like knitting gloves.

Does this pattern look familiar?
If you follow the book/movie
series Twilight,
you will notice it is the
cover of the book.
Very popular

This is a slip-stitch herringbone
pattern. Not only fun to do, but the slip stitching
makes it double layered and warmer.

Lace. How can you ever go wrong with lace?

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  1. Hurray for fingerless gloves; they're easy to fit, quick to make, and universally useful! I like all of these, but especially your piano ones.

    And as for your comment about separately knitting each toe, it is a real pain. I've only done it once, when I made Bronco toe socks for my sister. That was over thirty years ago, and I have yet to repeat the experience!