Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Adele Button Felted Hat

I named this hat after my mom who passed away in 1992. She taught me how to knit before I can remember, and I have been doing this ever since. She would love to see the resurgence in handicrafts in the past several years.
The Adele Button Hat

1 skein Paton’s Classical wool (approx. 220 yards felting wool)
Circular needles size 10 (5 mm)
Double-pointed needles size 10 (5 mm)
Button or pin
Felted hat form or bowl approximately 22” circum.
: Not critical – size is achieve with felting.
Pattern is now available at


  1. Beautiful hat and I love that your mum inspired it.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern, I am going to have to make one for myself even though I will have to wait until next winter to wear it as I live in Australia :-)

  2. cannot wait to make this - absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. I am an experienced knitter and have re-started this hat 3 times.
    * after joining the round, directions say "band is in reverse stockinette" which I assume means the pearl side should be showing. I am not finding this to be the case since I am on a knit round
    *Crown decrease starts with "K2T, K16, SSK" and should end with 96 stitches after repeating 6 times. The K2T, K16, SSK is 18 total stitches, which multiplied by 6 equals the original 108, not 96. The crown decrease continues this way and is off by that many stitches through the end of the pattern.

    My question is whether I am missing something? Or do you have a corrected copy of this pattern since I already paid for it?
    Thank you for your time - trying to finish before Christmas.

  4. Hi Colette,

    The reverse stockinette row is facing you. Remember after completing the last purl row, you do not turn. You place a marker and start knitting in the round.
    I am going to have to make a corrected copy of the pattern because you are right: the crown decrease has one too many rounds. The first round with the k16 should be removed. The first round should start with K14 instead.
    Does that answer your question. I am going to correct the pattern and send you a clean copy.
    Thanks for "tech testing" my pattern. I owe you another pattern. I have several new patterns that I am going to post on Craftsy soon. Just send me an email if you see one you like and I will send it to you directly without payment.

  5. I am in love with this hat but would like to see it on a real person's head. Do you have any photos of people wearing them?

  6. I'll see what I can do. I am not a model so I would not give it justice. I'll take a picture of the hats with my niece when I see her next.