Sunday, May 7, 2017

Erin Honeycomb Hat


If you like playing with color combinations, you need to try this honeycomb pattern in a hat. Woolike yarn comes is several colors along with neutral colors such as gray, white and black. This uses two shades of gray to offset the pink and maroon. I want to try this in a purple and lavender, orange and brown, and shades of blue. I used four different colors for the honeycomb, but you can use only one up to several colors. It also uses a banded brim for extra warm, but if you prefer, you can use a rib of 1x1 or 2x2 as well. I would love to see your combinations.

1 skein each Loops and Threads Woolike (85% Acrylic; 15% Nylon, 620m/678yds) in:
A – Demin blue
B – Light gray
C – Pale pink
D – Dark gray
E - Maroon

Size US 2.5 (3.0 mm) Circular Needles
Size US 2.5 (3.0 mm) Double Pointed Needles
Yarn needle
Stitch markers
Approximate 20” waste yarn

Gauge: 32 stitches in pattern to 4” (approximately one pattern per inch); 24 rows to 2"
Size: Fits most medium (22-23”) to large (23-25”) sized heads since pattern is very stretchy. To make a smaller size, reduce the number of cast on stitches by numbers divisible by 8.

Pattern Stitch:
Round 1: With A, knit.
Round 2: With A, purl.
Round 3-8: With B, slip 1, * k6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st, slip 1.
Round 9: With A, knit.
Round 10: With A, purl.
Round 11-16: With C, K3, *slip 2, k6*, repeat from * across to last 3 sts, k3.
Round 17: With A, knit.
Round 18: With A, purl.
Round 19-24: With D, slip 1, * k6, slip 2; repeat from * across to last st, slip 1.
Repeat Rows 1-32 for Honeycomb Pattern.
Round 25: With A, knit.
Round 26: With A, purl.
Round 27-32: With E, K3, *slip 2, k6*, repeat from * across to last 3 sts, k3.
Round 9: With A, knit.
Round 10: With A, purl.
Hat Pattern:
Cast on 128 sts. Place marker and join.
Work in stockinette (knit every round) for 1½”.
Next round (fold line): K2tog, yo.
Next rnds: Knit in stockinette (knit every round) for 1½”.  

Increase round: K 8; m1*. Repeat to end of round (144 stitches)

Begin pattern: Work rounds 1 through 32 unless you reach the desired length. For this hat, the patterned part of the hat is 8 inches.

Switch to double pointed needles when appropriate.
Round 1: P1, k1. Repeat these 2 stitches to end of round.
Round 2: K2tog to end of round.
Continue Round 2 until you have a few stitches left.

Break yarn. Thread yarn thread and draw through the remaining stitches.  Weave in ends.

Sewing up the brim. 
Using a needle and some waste yarn or thread, fold the brim on the fold line and baste the two sides of the brim together. Change the thread to Color A. Using a loose whip stitch, sew the cast on edge to the last row of the brim.

Weave in ends and enjoy!


  1. has there been errata to this pattern please if so please email love your work cheers.

  2. There is no errata. What are you have trouble with?

  3. When you have finished 8" of pattern there is no instructions for decrease rounds in yarn A. Only finishing rounds. Could you let me know please

  4. Ugh. You are right. I added the statement "Continue Round 2 until you have a few stitches left." I hope that helps.

    1. Actually it looks like you've done some decrease rounds first is knit 8 knit 2 tog one round then knit 7 knit2 together for next round until you are left with so many stitches then your last bit of pattern as instructions. Please clarify. Thanks mandy

  5. Although you can decrease by 8, then 7, etc., for this pattern, I wanted a sudden decrease to the end. That's why it goes to k2tog round and round. This method makes the top a little 'fluffier' at the top.

  6. I can't wait to try this. I just moved and all my circular needles can't be located, so I'll be getting some new ones. I have a group that our colors are blue, purple and green, so I thought what a great combo for this hat.

  7. New knitter here. I love this pattern! My question is when you slip a stitch do you do it as if to purl or as if to knit?

  8. To clarify with my earlier comment, I was thinking the slip was to slip the stitch onto the other needle so as to pass it. Is that what it means? Or should I drop the slipped st? Seriously a newbie here. Haha