Friday, October 9, 2015

Velociraptor at the Vet

Today is the day that is pure dread in our house. I had to take Neko to the vet to get his shots.

Now you are in trouble when you call for the appointment and the receptionists say, "Oh yes, we remember Neko." These people see hundreds of cats a year and yet Neko stands out in their minds.

I sent the carrier on the table and it shakes back and forward -- a la the opening scene to Jurassic Park. After all, he is the velociraptor of cats. Someone in the back room calls out: "Shoot him! Shoot him!" Of course, they were actually talking about his rabies and distemper shots. I don't know why they even give him a distemper shot. It's not like we would notice if he had distemper.

Anyway, he is fine and has recovered. I look forward the carrying of the grudge.


  1. Taking the cat to the vet is never fun, but it's much more adventurous when the cat involved is of the Neko variety. I remember ginormous gloves that looked like industrial equipment for handling molten steel, a thick blanket, and two people just to get a blood sample from a certain tuxedo cat with a mercurial personality.

  2. I always look forward to Neko’s adventures. I adopted two ferals, now four years ago, and Neko was my model. You stressed the patience you need but you mentioned how he slowly changed and he slowly allowed you to adopt him. Well, mostly adopt him.

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  4. I completely understand the vet "remembering" your kitty :) My black kitty angel Mojo was also very famous at the vet, everyone remembered him as well.