Sunday, December 14, 2014

Celebrating the Holidays with Fingerless

When my boys were in high school, they were very active in marching band and theater. I was definitely involved in my kids' activities as a band mom and theater mom. I met several wonderful friends through these activities. 

The DC Divas: Me, Katie, Mo, Susan (standing) and Linda
When our kids graduated, went to college and basically left us, we moms decided that we didn't need our kids around to keep our friendships going. So every couple of months, the DC Divas (Douglas County Divas) get together to catch up. We have become even better friends over the years. (That's me in the maroon shirt). Tonight was our Christmas gathering, the one in which we include our husbands, although we didn't take any pictures of them. 

I made fingerless gloves for my friends and we had a touching of fingertips to show them off.


  1. Love the variety of fingerless gloves. I especially love the ones with the buttons. So unique and "artsy."

  2. Wow that’s a great idea to make fingerless gloves for friends. I will also make now 3 pair of gloves for my best friends and when we will do holiday party then I will gift them those gloves. Any other gift ideas for my best friends?